Family Readiness Group regulations


I was fortunate enough to attend a town hall meeting with the Acting Secretary of the Army, Mr. Pete Geren, earlier this week. He spent the majority of his time asking for and answering questions and taking suggestions from the audience which was comprised mainly of family members.

One of the most well-received suggestions (well-received by the audience, that is) was the suggestion to relax the Family Readiness Group regulations with specific regard to fund raising. In the past 5 to 10 years, the Army has tightened the regulations pertaining to Family Readiness Groups and fund raising by FRGs in particular. While some regulation tightening was warranted, some of the regulations have been TOO restrictive.

For those of you who have been involved in Family Readiness Groups, what are your experiences with Army regulations as they relate to Family Readiness Groups and fund raising within them? Post them in the comments!

I'll have another post in a little while with my thoughts on this as well as how revisiting and re-evaluating the regulations might lead to stronger public involvement and support of local military support groups.

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