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When we first launched SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, we had a crappy time-slot - 6:00 p.m. EDT. Immediately, we received complaints from many of you because at 6:00, some of you were on your way home from work, making dinner for your children, etc. and were unable to participate in the live show. Our radio program has "proven its mettle" so to speak, and we're now able to schedule shows in primetime. Beginning next week, our new time slot will be...

... 9:00 p.m. EDT. Hopefully, dinner will be over, kiddos will be tucked in bed and now you can listen live and even phone in and speak with our guests. We've already had some incredible shows and incredible guests.

If you missed some of our past shows and would like to listen in, click on the links below:

If you have show ideas, or guests you would like to see us interview, please share them with us. SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio is for you. We've very excited about our new time slot because it means more of you can participate live and we're looking forward to putting your voices to your names.

Beginning August 9, our shows will be live each Thursday at 9:00 p.m. EDT. We are preparing a sober, yet important show for you on anticipatory grief. Our guest will be Kristin Henderson, who is no stranger to SpouseBUZZ. You won't want to miss this show, it will be a real sanity check. The nasty thoughts running around in your head when your spouse is in danger do not make you weird. We're going to shine a light on these often unspoken thoughts, explore why they occur and show you that you are not alone.

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