Okay, so you move to a new residence.  Be it base housing, a rental or you bought it, the residence is "yours" for a time.  You hang your curtains, put your pictures on the wall and do some gardening.  You put your personal stamp on it.  You celebrate holidays and make memories here.  You make it your own.

And then it happens.  The mother of all buzzkills.

In the back of your mind, you know it's coming.  You're a military spouse.  You KNOW it's coming.The minute you find our you're moving.  Again.

The time from when you know to when you actually move can be quite short.Sometimes though....you find out a full year in advance.

And then what do you do?

Do you keep purchasing houseplants? 

Do you put up any more pictures on the walls or do you stop because that's just one more hole you'll have to patch later?

Do you start purging the junk drawers in anticipation or do you procrastinate, move them and then deal with all those little treasures?

Do you stop making new friends because that means one more person you'll have to say goodbye to after the moving truck pulls away?

Have you prematurely started the moving process?

I know that people deal with moves in different ways.  I am one of those people who will stop putting up on the walls because that IS one more hole I'm going to have to patch.I am one of those people who will stop buying plants (indoor and outdoor) because I know I can't take them with me. And although I would never give a new neighbor the cold shoulder, I know that I don't put myself out there as I would if there wasn't a move in my immediate future.

Let's face it, moving is a logistical process but it's also an emotional one.

What are your ways of dealing with a move?

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