Beg, Grovel - I need your help!

I'm writing a post to beg, grovel and plea for help!  As most of you know, I am founder of an organization called "Sew Much Comfort".  We provide adaptive clothing for the wounded troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  This clothing allows the troops to get dressed soon after their injury, provides them with more comfort and dignity than the ever-so-unpleasant alternative (hospital gown!) and lets them know, with every stitch, that America supports them!

The clothing we've created up til now has been geared solely for their hospital rehabilitation.  But, we've had requests recently from troops returning to active duty who need to have their uniforms adapted to accommodate injuries and prosthetics.  This is where it gets sticky!!!!!

I am an Air Force spouse.  I live near an Air Force Base.  We have a military clothing supply store on base, but it only sells Air Force clothing.  I also found out that, in order to purchase military uniforms, I have to be a service member in that particular service.  For some reason, they wonder what you are up to when you want to purchase 1,000 uniforms from all the services!  Go figure!

We really want to begin creating these clothing items for the troops.  I'd like to have a stock of clothing on hand that we can send out for alteration to the seamstresses around the country.  Would you mind helping me????

If you could purchase a pair of Class "A" and ACU pants in whatever size you want and send them to our distribution facility in OH, this would go a long way to providing us with a start up selection of pants.  Marine folks, please remember to include the 'blood stripe' for the Class A's.   I don't know what the demand is for shirts/jackets yet, I'll let y'all know if we need them them.

Since most of the volunteers are either civilian or Air Force spouses - could you please put a note inside the box telling us what service the clothing is for and the size?!?!?!  It's our first on-line clothing drive.  Wonder why I've not thought of this before!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ginger@sewmuchcomfort.org.  Thanks 'sew' much!

The distribution facility address is:

Sew Much Comfort Distribution Facility3170 Rodenbeck Dr.Beavercreek, OH 45432

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