Army Wives: Episode Five Discussion Thread


Wow, a lot was packed into last night's episode of Army Wives. Where to start?

Now that things are out in the open between Joan and Roland, I'll be interested to see how their relationship mends. Joan told Roland she was sorry he had to hear about what happened in Afghanistan from Peter Belgrad. She goes on to say she would have loved to save the girl, but told Roland, "I saved my men." I loved that when Joan asked Roland what he would have done, he told her the truth. He would have tried to save the girl. I think that showed an intense level of trust in the relationship. It's nice to see Joan finally going toe-to-toe with her demons. She's a very lucky gal to be married to someone like Roland, I think he's fantastic.

Someone else I think is fantastic is Colonel Michael Holden, but he had it coming at him from all sides this week. First, he relieves Joan Burton of command and brings an Article 15 against her, next he refuses a military funeral for Belgrad. Each action brought emotional pleas from Roland, who was fighting for his wife, and Claudia Joy, who was fighting for Belgrad's family.

When Claudia Joy confronted Michael and asked him to reconsider how Peter Belgrad was being classified, Michael says to her:

There is a code, it's called the UCMJ. I didn't make it up, but I believe in it.

The money line:

There is a line that defines me as a soldier and you as a soldier's wife and you never crossed that line, until right now.

I think there is a line, one that can easily become blurred, especially during wartime. If you have experienced this, or have any thoughts about it, let us know. I think it's an interesting topic.

I loved the conversation between Chase and Trevor when Chase offers deployment advice to Trevor and admits that during his first deployment, he only called home 4-5 times because it was easier for HIM that way. Chase recommends that Trevor not follow that pattern and tells Trevor, 'don't hurt your girl." Bravo!

A conversation I didn't love? The one that took place between Roxy and Pamela about the discovery that the meddlesome Marilyn has been having an affair. In typical Roxy fashion, she handled Marilyn one-on-one with a great deal of class and compassion. However, when Roxy tells Pamela about the affair, although Pamela despises Marilyn, she tells Roxy that they can't do anything about it. "You have to protect another soldier's wife. It's our code," Pamela explains. I've never heard of this supposed code. That line rang about as true to me as did the line in the first episode when Pamela says "soldiers don't like their wives to work." Perhaps I'm out of touch...

Chase is gone. No doubt Pamela and Roxy will be each other's rock during deployment.

I thought the moment between Roxy and Trevor in bed was an honest one.

Will you be the same man when you get back?

I will be.

We'll see...

Major Sherwood is alive and he's coming home. To nitpick for a moment, the "official" car should have never pulled up in the driveway to deliver that news to Denise. Every Army wife knows what that car in the driveway means, especially one who knows her husband might be dead. I think that was badly portrayed even though it had a happy ending.

I wish I hadn't seen the previews for next week because I was hoping that the experience of possibly losing his father had served to rid Jeremy of his violent tendencies. Tragedy can often turn lives around. But, the previews seem to indicate that his bad behavior will continue (did I see that correctly?).

Belgrad's funeral was heartbreaking, especially when his son saluted the casket.

Commanders have to make tough calls and sometimes their decisions aren't popular. The phrase, "the harder right" comes to mind. The show ended with Colonel Holden having a change of heart on just about every issue. It looks like Joan will stay on and Belgrad's family will be provided for. Joan screwed up, and although she knows it, and she's suffering from PTSD, her judgment has to be called into question if she is going to be responsible for hundreds of soldiers. Not sure if the final decisions made by Michael were the right ones or not, but since this show is entertainment and not reality, as a viewer, I was happy for all involved.

Claudia Joy's speech at the end of the show was nothing short of awesome. I need to watch it and re-watch it. Claudia Joy does understand "the line," but she doesn't hesitate to fight for what she believes is right, whether or not it puts her at odds with military etiquette, real or imagined. Every Army post needs a Claudia Joy.  At one point, she says, "I am proud to call myself an Army wife."

Me too, Claudia Joy, me too.

I thought episode five was a bit busy. We were constantly jumping from character to character and storyline to storyline. Even so, I was, as always, entertained. What did you think of episode five?

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