Army Wives: Episode Eight Discussion Thread


Another episode down and once again, some real-life situations were adequately addressed on last night's show.

I had to laugh when Pamela was struggling to feed her children. She's out of milk for cereal and goes for the easy fix, Little Debbie brownies.

Dad said to eat a healthy breakfast.

Yeah well, dad isn't here right now.

This scene reminded me of Homefront Six's excellent Deployment Confessions post. As we all know, deployment and good nutrition don't always go together...

Roxy's children met Javier, a child who lost his father in Iraq. Javier tells Finn and TJ that his father was blown up and is dead. Later, Roxy and Pamela discuss the situation.

"How do I prepare my kids to hear something like that," asked Roxy.

"You can try, but you really can't prepare them," replies Pamela.

This is a tough issue for parents of service members, especially in today's environment.

Roxy goes to Javier's house and meets his mother, who, incidentally, is pregnant. In typical Roxy fashion, she knows exactly what to say. The widow has to move out of on-post housing, she says the Army gives widows six months to leave. I was reminded of SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Diego. Shelley Hall of TAPS sat on the "Overcome and Empower" panel. Shelley's husband was killed in a training accident. At the time, widows had only 30-days to move out of on-post housing. Unacceptable. Shelley and others have worked to ensure that surviving families have more time to leave the familiar surroundings of the post community. We've discussed how we as military spouses treat widows before here at SpouseBUZZ.

The widow storyline was heartbreaking, and I was happy to see Army Wives address it. I was also happy to see how the community came together to help this family clear quarters and begin their new journey outside the cocoon of an Army post. As I watched the widow begin to drive off-post, I thought that a drive like that must be hell for all of the widows and families who have had to watch the post fade away in their rear-view mirrors.

Jeremy and Amanda believe they're in love.  Michael and Claudia Joy have backed off a bit. We'll see how this storyline develops.

Something that grates on my nerves each time the phone rings is how Claudia Joy and Denise answer their phones. "Colonel Holden's residence." Who does that? Seems that feeds into a stereotype that officers are very formal. That is not my experience at all....

Roland. Roland. Roland. What happened? Roland's affair was a big disappointment, and given his unimpeachable character up until last night, it was a surprise to me. Kudos to Pamela for resisting the temptation. I would have expected Pamela to give in and Roland to resist. As Pamela said, "who would have thought I would be the good girl?" Looks like Joan and Roland will have yet another huge issue to deal with, on top of everything else. That marriage is fragile, at best. 

About halfway through the episode, I said to myself, "where is Lenore Baker?" The answer came in the previews for next week's show. Looks like the lady we love to hate will be back with a vengeance next week. Any guesses as to what Claudia Joy's big secret will be? I'm dying to know!

If you missed our interview with Wendy Davis, who plays LTC Joan Burton, click here to listen. I viewed last night's episode in a different light after our hour-long chat with Wendy. Wendy was warm, charming and lovely to speak with. We learned a lot about the cast, the set and the way the actors prepare for the show after speaking with Wendy.

I enjoyed last night's episode. What did you think, and what are your predictions for next week's show?

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