Army Wives: Episode 6 & 7 Discussion Thread

Our radio show featuring a discussion about Army Wives with one our favorite stars from the series starts soon!  We need to hash out the two most recent episodes, don't we?

Who's with me?

The sixth episode of Army Wives seems to have pulled in some loose ends from the fifth episode and set the stage for a very engaging seventh installment in this popular series. 

In the sixth episode, we are relieved for Denise when her husband, Frank, comes home after a tenuous wait.  Over at Claudia Joy's house, little sister lets the cat out of the proverbial bag when she lets it slip that Amanda is involved with slap-happy Jeremy.  Claudia Joy, reasonably so, is concerned in her daughter's choice of suitors and discusses the potential problems with her husband.  For Roxy and Trevor, the pre-deployment practice of "making memories" ends with Trevor twisting his knee and delaying his deployment plans.  Trevor was attempting to instruct Roxy's boys about the better valor of pausing at 5:00 p.m. and looking for a flag...I understand the need to do this, but had to giggle as I nearly rear-ended someone on base when, as a fully grown adult working as a contractor, I experienced the 5:00 phenomenon for the first time.  The episode concludes with Roxy's wayward mother showing up to try and make amends and prove herself worthy of being in Roxy and the boys' lives.

Onto episode seven!

Roxy's family prepares to celebrate her birthday while Roxy remains wary of her mother, Marda's, intentions.  Marda, however, wins over Trevor quite easily and convinces him to take Roxy out for a romantic evening while she watches the boys and finishes up planning Roxy's surprise party.  Trevor obliges and Roxy consents, reluctantly.  Roxy should have trusted her instincts as her mother ends up leaving the boys to their own devices while she, ignoring her grandson's plea, heads out to drown her sorrows.  Roxy and Trevor return to find their house in shambles and their boys racked out in the living room.

Claudia Joy and Michael attempt, unsuccessfully, to warn their daughter, Amanda, away from Jeremy.  As often happens in moments of teenage angst, hormones and 'undying love', the two teens end up having sex and staying out all night.  A rash decision to be sure, but perhaps not as rash as Jeremy's decision to enlist.  Poignantly and pointedly, Jeremy's father pays a visit to the father of a young soldier who died under Frank's command following the helicopter crash.  The father, in obvious grief, continues to work on his car while Frank tells him of his son's bravery and courage under fire.  Then, as almost an afterthought or one final attempt to break through, Frank delivers a message from the son--that he had found another soldier, a male soldier, with whom to have a relationship.  The father tells Frank that he always knew his son was gay and that his son had joined the Army to prove something to him.  And, although he had spent years wishing his son weren't who he was and almost feeling as if his son were not his son, he would give anything to have him back again.  Frank appears to make a connection between this man's situation and his own, but it may not manifest itself until a later episode.

Fast forward to Roxy's surprise party.  I loved the scene where they were sharing shots and talking about what 'peeved' them.  Roland's three shots were all relevant, with the last one received a true "you betcha" from my standpoint.  Roxy's mother, Marda, made an appearance at the party and delivered a gift which Roxy opened later...a photo of Roxy and Marda when Roxy was a young girl.  Very sweet, but I respect Roxy for taking a stand for her family and not allowing her mother access until she cleans up her act.

The show closes with Jeremy heading off to basic, Amanda on the outs with her folks and Roland questioning his next move.

Previews for the coming episode show both Pamela and Roland will have their marriages tested by temptation.  This brings the foreshadowing to light from the discussion between Trevor and Chase regarding not hurting the women they love.  We see now that Pamela has been hurt by Chase's absence before and may have trouble blocking that out now.

What did YOU think? 

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