Where Did The Month Go?


Okay...so even after a half a decade at being a guard wife, I still think I can conquer the world during Hubs' hiatus from home each and every time.

Shall we take a journey through what I thought this month would entail?

For starters, I should be about 10 pounds lighter. 

After all, I planned to work out every day while Hubs was gone, I joined Weight Watchers on-line and I planned to eat more healthfully too.  I also planned to drink my 8 glasses of water a day and not let one fully leaded Coke pass my lips.

I'm surprised the Weight Watchers folks haven't sent out a posse to look for me since I don't think I've logged onto my personal site since the charge appeared on my card.  I hope they think I'm just too busy being healthy and fabulous to check in with them. 

Next, my house should be spotless.

After all, I've spent a multitude of hours cleaning and re-cleaning not to mention organizing.  I redid my closets and reaccessorized (is that a word?) the girls' bathroom.  I had planned to reorganize my cupboards in the kitchen and clean out the refrigerator plus, possibly, repaint the bathroom...but, alas, it was not to be.

Third, I should be well read and well rested.

After all, I had a stack of magazines I've been too busy to read over the past year waiting for my perusal.  I also made a promise that I wouldn't stay up past eleven so I could make sure to get up early to exercise (see above).  All these plans hit the fan when I realized that I'm still a full-time extern for a federal judge; I'm taking a class two afternoons a week; the girls still need to eat, have clean clothes and good lunches; my flowers need watered at least once a day to survive the drought and weeds need pulled every five seconds.  Oh, and how could I forget that I can't sleep worth a diddly darn when Hubs is gone so I've watched re-runs of Forensic Files and The First 48 until I'm too bleary-eyed to move.

So, let's recap shall we?

I weigh the same as I did when he left...if not a couple pounds more as I chose an occasional beer or fully leaded Coke, mocha frappucino or even ice cream sundaes over water, celery and bean sprouts.  I chose working in the yard and doing menial household chores over hitting the gym.  The house is no worse for wear, but isn't any better either.

I cared for about a second until I remembered:

This is nothing new.  He's never cared before and he certainly won't now.

Besides, his text messages he's been sending have NOTHING to do with how the house looks and everything to do with things that make me NOT let the girls read the messages first! I will make sure the bedroom looks nice, though!

Do you do this too?  Certainly I can't be the only one fretting over inconsequential things or creating super human to-do lists!

What's the silliest thing you've ever fretted over prior to your military member's arrival home?  Anything you should have done, but didn't because you were sweating the small stuff?

That reminds me...note to self:  shave your legs. 

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