What's Your Story: June Edition

The television series Army Wives has spurred a lot of discussion here at SpouseBUZZ. Leading up to the premiere episode, and right after the premiere, many milspouses were concerned with how real Army wives would be perceived by civilians as a result of on-screen performances. June's What's Your Story topic was inspired by that concern.

In our podcast with Marna Krajeski, Marna offered some great advice to those of us who are placed in largely non-military towns where the civilian population have little exposure to military life, which makes milspouses feel like caged animals on occasion. But, as Marna pointed out, when we can use opportunities to expose civilians to military life in a positive way, and become "emissaries" for the military, it serves all of us well.

With that in mind, the topic for this month's What's Your Story Contest is "What I want civilians to know about my life as a military spouse."

The winner will receive a fabulous prize package sponsored by Military.com and USAA.

We'll accept essays from now until June 28.

Entries should be no longer than 900 words in length. Click here to email your story.

Good Luck!

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