The Key Ingredient in My Room Makeover

I'm in the process of rearranging rooms in my house. I am a person who loves to rearrange the living room, my bedroom...etc. BigK does NOT like to move any furniture, ever. So, when I decided to do a flip with the bedrooms I knew it would not be pretty.

LilK has wanted a certain bedroom since we moved in, but in my mom wisdom I tried to convince him he might like the bigger bedroom with the walk-in closet, vaulted ceiling...etc. Well, after 10 months he still wants the smaller bedroom (why didn't I listen the first time), so now we are rearranging.

I really wanted to keep the peace during the "makeover". I told BigK we can do it whenever you are "in the mood", I'm not going to start moving things and then when everything is in that total disaster stage call for your help to assist in the the heavy lifting. Arguments have been known to erupt because I seem to change my mind of just where the couch should go, or where the big sleigh bed would look best.....that corner? or no maybe that wall?? You see, I have a "vision" of what the room will look like in the end so the in between point where everything looks like a terrible mess doesn't bother me. That state gives BigK a near anxiety attack.

Last Saturday we are in full moving and rearranging mode. Beds are coming down, books off the bookcases, desks taken apart and moved, I am bracing myself for Mr. Grumble to appear. There was no sight of him. So what started out as moving 2 rooms turned into three. Yes, we rearranged 3 rooms. Everything was going so well. We were talking about ideas for each room, placement of furniture...etc, it was amazing. My office became LilK's bedroom. Lil K's bedroom became Big K's office and Big K's office became mine. As we were hitting the home stretch still no Mr. Grumble. I am wondering, "Just what is going on here?!". Normally, we would be fussing with each other about bookcase placement and the fact LilK's bed has about a 100 plastic bb's under it. On to the arranging of Big K's office, well it's more like the playroom with all boy stuff in there. Mine, I actually try to run my business out of it. Just as we finish, Big K lays on the twin bed we kept up in his office, he remarks, "Man....I'm really feeling those 2 beers I had earlier."

Um, yeah, 2 Sam Adams to the rescue. I need to remember that trick when we play this game again. (Note/Disclaimer: we are very light drinkers....one six pack will last a month or longer in my house.)

Meanwhile, both of their rooms are "made over/arranged". Mine.....I still have boxes around, a printer on the floor, nothing on the walls....etc. Since we switched desks, I need to organize drawers...etc. Funny how mom's room gets done last. I need a professional organizer. Feeling a little overwhelmed hence me writing about this whole experience vs. just picking up a box and getting started. (deep sigh) I need some motivating music to get going!!

or maybe a Pina Colada.

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