Summer Break Time


School has been out for three weeks now and I have to admit that I haven't been missing my 6:15 a.m. wake up routine.  Sleeping in is wonderful; whether it's just one hour or a couple of hours longer than usual.  However, while the thought of additional sleep always excites me, weeks before the last day of school I was already feeling the pressure of figuring out how to fill our long summer days.  When school is in session, the three older children are in school everyday of the week and the youngest attends a Mother's Day Out program two days a week.  That leaves me two days every week to spend five hours doing whatever I want, or need, to do.  I am definately missing those two days!

Heading into summer, I knew that the most popular questions in our house would be "Are we going anywhere today?" and "Can we go swimming?".  Let's just say that the children have lived up to my expectations.  Being the proactive mother (*cough, cough*) that I am, I did go ahead and buy a pool pass for our local pool.  It's been a real hit with them and I'm actually enjoying it, too.

Of course, that only takes care of two or three days a week (that's all I can handle), but with baseball, volleyball, and other daily errands we aren't doing too badly right now.  However, staying busy and not breaking the bank while doing it, are not exactly easy tasks to handle simultaneously.  We've gone bowling and had a great time, except it's not exactly a cheap endeavor when the snack bar is right behind you and they have Chuck E. Cheese style games in the arcade!  Visiting the playground is always a good alternative, though when the temps are in the 90's and rising, not exactly enjoyable. 

So, here I am, still looking for inexpensive activities that are both cool (as in not hot) and fun to help us pass the summer months.  Any ideas?  I'm in the Ft. Hood area, but if you're somewhere else and have suggestions for your area, I'm sure that others would love to hear them.

Now, if you could call my kids' arguing, whining, and jockeying for my attention, entertainment, we'd be set!

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