SpouseBUZZ Radio: Thursday's Program to Focus on Military Brats


This week's radio program will feature Army brat and filmmaker Donna Musil. Donna will join us to discuss her film, BRATS: Our Journey Home. If you're a military brat, have military brats or have any connection to the military, you won't want to miss an interesting discussion on life from the perspective of a military brat. Watch the trailer to learn more.

More than 300 of you listened to the archive of our first show because you couldn't listen live due to work, dinner, kids...life. We've had many complaints about the time slot for our radio program (6:00 - 7:00 p.m. EDT). Believe me, we feel your pain and plan to have a more adult-friendly prime-time slot in the near future. We'll let you know when the time change occurs.

For now, please bear with us. If you're unable to listen live on Thursday and have a question you'd like us to ask Donna on your behalf, leave your question in the comment section or send via email.

You can dial 646.478.5665 to talk with Donna live. You can also use Yahoo IM to submit questions or chat with the SpouseBUZZ group during the show. Our Yahoo IM name is spousebuzz. If you want to be added to the SpouseBUZZ IM group, please go ahead and send your request and we'll add you before the show.

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