Some secrets are not meant to be shared


When I was about 12 (which was old enough to reach the tall cupboards), I made a huge discovery. 

My Mother had a snack stash.

A hidden snack stash.  A snack stash none of us ever saw her consume.   

Its contents would vary from time to time.  A small jar of almonds, or macadamia nuts, fancy chocolates, dried apricots.   As a child, I would check her snack stash periodically, to find  the rotating stash, a  Hersheys cholcolate bar, or Almond Joys.  Also, I NEVER thought of sneaking any of her snacks.  I left them alone.   Even at the tender age of 12, I realized....DO NOT touch, I realized my survival depended on not touching her stash. 

And it is a tradition I was quick to adopt this stash policy, once having children.

Normally my hidden snack stash contains some form of chocolate. 

I was keeping it in the freezer, because of it is too handy, well frankly I have no self control, and might consume it all.

However my 3 and 5 year old have found the secret chocolate stash.  Frankly I had to feign surprise at their discovery.  I mean what kind of Mother doesn't share candy?

Time to move it to a tall cupboard I suppose. 

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