Shaving and other sure signs the spouse is coming soon!

I like to ease into my homecoming preparations.....today I shaved.  It's a sure sign my husband is coming home soon.

For me it's a short visit while we're in Minnesota getting my son's leg lengthened, but it's a homecoming of sorts.  I know that he's only going to be here for a short visit, but he left 5 weeks ago and, let's face it, why shave in the interim?????

I'm sure there are guys out there who've been wearing their old high school work out shirts that they squirreled in the back of the closet and girls who've all but forgotten how to put on make-up.  It's the myriad of everyday things we give up on when the spouse is gone!  For me, it's shaving - besides - I'm in MN where the weather is so cold it prohibits wearing shorts!

So, Hubby's coming for a week long visit next weekend and I'm starting the preparations!  I think exercising is the next step.......maybe

What's you sure sign you are starting the ritual of getting ready for the spouse to reintegrate!?!?!?

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