Left Behind


This year is worst than most.....I'm the one left behind!

No, it's not a statement about the state of my soul or religious standing!  It's just that summer time is always filled with such turmoil for military families.  The packing, the moving, the house hunting, the school enrollment, the meeting new neighbors, reconnecting with old friends....

So many of our SpouseBUZZ authors are in a state of transition.....and I'm not.  I'm feeling a bit forlorn.  I really miss the excitement of moving.  I envy my buddies who are on the move.  They are beginning anew with fresh experiences ahead of them....I'm stuck in the same neighborhood.  No decisions to make on decorating - how to avoid it is more my quandry!  No excitement about new schools, new friends.  No scurrying to find the nearest Panera's. 

Next year, Papa Bear is eligible for retirement.  EGADS, does that mean I may only have one more move in my future?  How can that possibly be?  How does one live in this perpetual state of staying in one place?  I just can't see myself as an object at rest.  I dread the word retirement - sounds so final.

For all of you in the midst of the moving hassles, the frantic pace, the harried 'discussions', the fretting children - smile!  These could be the best times of your life!

For all the rest of us who are left behind - sigh - I share your melancholy! 

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