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...we hosted our first radio program last night, and it was FUN. Our show was a relaxed, unscripted conversation between a few of the SpouseBUZZ authors and some of you, a perfect way to begin this new addition to SpouseBUZZ, the blog. Just a few of the many interesting things we learned: The bathroom is the only quiet place airforcewife can find to talk on the phone, ArmyWifeToddlerMom had some 'splaining to do when she didn't participate in the great Desert Storm baby-boom and GBear doesn't like her children all that much. Of course, you'll have to listen to the show for the story behind these stories.

Currently, we'll host our weekly show on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:00 EST. It's not an optimal time slot for a show given that it's right in the middle of dinner hour for most of you, but for now, that's what we have. In the next few weeks, we're going to work to change our time slot to a more adult-friendly one. 

Until then, if you miss the live show, you can listen to our archived shows by clicking here. On the right-hand side, you can also subscribe to our program through iTunes, just click the "subscribe" button.

All of us had our jitters at go time, and it was a challenge to work the controls and buttons the first time around, but we'll learn to master the technology with time. For the most part, being that it was our first show, it went pretty well. We experienced only a few spots of "dead air," and only minor technical difficulties, one of which had to do with the dial-in line. If you call into the show and receive a recording asking you to leave a message, please hang up and try again. There were also spots where the participant's lines dropped out for a few seconds and they couldn't hear what was previously said, so there's a little repetition in some areas.

We started SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio because we want to be able to interact with you on a more personal level than the blog affords, so we hope that this is going to be another wonderful way we can connect and help support one another.

Look for some very interesting guests in the coming weeks and months.

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