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We only have a few games left in our little league baseball season. It has been an adventure watching these kids get better and better at the game. I can say it has been fun mixed in with a little bit of culture shock (there was a police car in the parking lot tonight).

The following is a conversation from the dugout:

Assist. Coach (the husband): Ok, settle down in here.

Lil Johnny: Where were you last game?

AC: California

LJ: California, WoW!What were you doing in California?

AC: Working

LJ: Working? I thought you worked here?

AC: Work here?! Oh no....I don't get paid to be here.

LJ: You don't?


LJ: Well, what do you do then?

AC: I'm in the Navy.

LJ: You are.....WoW

(Then the bench filled with players all start to chime in with their own unique relationship to the military).

Player2: My grandpa was in the Army, but he died before I ever met him.

Player 3: I have an aunt that was in the Air Force.

and on it went.

It was such a funny conversation. Normally, they are throwing sunflower seeds at one another or worse.

This is just one of the reasons why I love youth sports. The kids can say the cutest things that just make you chuckle. :)

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