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When I became a military wife, my mother - a former military spouse - gave me the best advice ever.


Home Depot has nothing on these guys!  I have learned so much from the personnel who have come to the various houses over the past 15 years!  As we are preparing to potentially retire - I feel the need to pass this wonderful advice along to others.

I can hold my own in household repairs now, solely because of the generous nature of these wonderful military members!  I can repair a toilet, unplug a kitchen/bathroom sink, fix a hole in a wall - please, don't ask! - any number of household tasks!

If you are just coming into the military or have been in a while and never taken advantage of this veritable wealth of information - CE Saviors!  When they show up at your door - LEARN FROM THEM!  This is the knowledge that will make you ever so much more self-sufficient and able to handle many of life's little crisis throughout life.  You won't always be on base/post, someday you'll have to pay a LOT for these services.  The more you can learn from these fonts of knowledge, the better off you will be in the long run!

I still say a prayer of thanks for all my free classes, every time my kids come running to me with the toilet plugged or the sink overflowing - It's Mom to the rescue! 

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