Arrrghhh Maties (say it like a pirate)


My Dear Husband is away currently.  A short 6 month stint at military training.   The bad news is we only had 6 days to get ready for this.  The training was supposed to be "accelerated track", but as with all things Army, well it changed from 3 months to 5-6 months. 

We are preparers by nature.  DH is fanatical about disaster preparedness, we always have essentials for an emergency situation handy.  I am a domestic preparer.  I come by it honestly being a country girl.  I always have enough food in my freezer, and pantry, that  I can feed our family and farm hands for months if need be. 


with only 6 days to prepare, and after I have been visiting family for a little over a month. 

I am now trying to play catch up, and make my home look like people inhabit the property.

It is a regular scavenger hunt around here daily as I try and play catch up. 

Many of you Moms, might be familiar with the children's book called if you give a Mouse a Cookie, in which they give a mouse a cookie, then he wants a glass of milk, and then he needs a straw, and he continues this reactionary chain of events that exhaust the little boy in the book. 

Well, it seems as if, that is the nature of things around the ArmyWifeToddlerMom casa.  I will

There is a twist though.  DH has unintentionally either misplaced items I need or I cannot seem to locate. 

So far I am missing,

1 portable and comfortable hammock (not that I have time to lounge, but what the heck, I wanted to try)

1 pair hedge trimmers, non electric.  (heck I might try the electric)

1 cell phone DH is requesting, I cannot find the thing anywhere, and he NEEDS it. 

1 box cutter

1 million miles of 550 chord. 

There is also a small list of items I have located by talking to him.

This has actually been pretty good practice in getting ready for a possible looming deployment. 

Maybe he can make me a map before he goes the next time. 

Because right now, I feel like a pirate looking for buried treasure. 

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