Army Wives: Episode Three (Discussion Thread Open)


Another episode down. Another episode enjoyed.

Episode three had some surprises, but let's start with the non-surprise - Lenore Baker continues to annoy. I'm waiting for the episode when Lenore gets her "just rewards." I know it's coming, but until it's here, I have to laugh at her pathetic, over-the-top antics (as well as that funky music that's played each time she appears in a scene). Well, I laugh, and I gnash my teeth....

Many of the characters took control over their demons in last night's episode. Kudos to Chase, Pamela, Denise and yes, even Jeremy, for making the hard -- yet right -- choices.

Roxy continues to struggle with the reality that her brand new husband is about to deploy. You don't have to be in Roxy's shoes to understand Roxy's preoccupation with losing Trevor. When Trevor gave Roxy his will, she didn't want to read it, which reminded me of something I wrote just after SpouseBUZZ debuted. It wasn't lost on me that last week Roxy was trying to consume all the information she could about a war that was taking her husband far away from her, but this week she didn't want to touch the documents that that very same war could one day force upon her.

Trevor brings Roxy's fear out in the open.

Roxy, I know this is tough for you, but I'm coming home.

For most of us, when we learn that our spouses are going to deploy (or when they are deployed) the thought that they may never come back is ever-present. The thought may be floating just beneath the surface or rising above it, but no matter where it resides, it's always there and it doesn't leave until our spouses are safely home and in our arms.

I adore Colonel Michael Holden. When his oldest daughter was arrested for protesting the war, he said to both of his daughters...

You cannot forget who you are. Everything you do affects not only this family but thousands of other soldiers and their families on post. Think about it girls, how can I look a young wife or mother in the eye and tell her to be strong when my own daughter is out there protesting everything I stand for?

To me, it wasn't about the merits of the war, it was about leadership, morale building and unity in the face of extraordinary times.

In my last two reviews, I mentioned that the Joan/Roland storyline is a bit confusing. I'm still trying to figure out if we're dealing with reintegration, PTSD or a combination of the two. I think this story is moving along a bit more slowly as compared to the others, and it's a bit foggy, at least to me. I hope it comes together soon because it's a great opportunity for civilians to learn more about reintegration and PTSD, two very real issues facing the military community.

The two gossip-queens are still at it, and they continue to come across as the busybodies that they are. Having had enough of their chatter, Pamela let the world in on her secret. When she took to the microphone and announced that she was a paid surrogate, I couldn't help but thinking that her action took the phrase, "you go girl" to brand new heights. Chase redeemed himself, too. Let's hope he stays on the right track.

After Claudia Joy told Denise that she was one of the strongest women Claudia Joy knows, Denise marched in her house and forcefully laid out the new ground rules for her abusive son, Jeremy. Jeremy later went to see Colonel Holden and admitted that he wasn't West Point material, that he hit his mother again, that he has a problem and needs some help. Holden agrees to get Jeremy professional help under one condition. A condition that may never be met.

In the closing scene, the spouses, minus Roland, are at Claudia Joy's house for a cozy, wine-tasting party. It's there that they learn a Blackhawk helicopter carrying Major Frank Sherwood crashed in Iraq. Next week, we should find out if Frank survived. If he did, was he captured or injured? Earlier, Colonel Holden told Jeremy that he would see that Jeremy received professional help, but that he must first admit to his father, Major Sherwood, that he had physically abused his mother. Looks like this confessional will be delayed. Perhaps indefinitely.

What will come of the Sherwood story? Care to guess? Whether Major Sherwood is dead or alive, this will be a sober subject. I'm anxious to see how Lifetime deals with such difficult subject matter, it could be tricky because both scenarios are such horrific realities for thousands of military families, including at least one of our SpouseBUZZ authors.

Random idea: Instead of naming their "lady parts," the gals should have played a round or two of Military Family Poker.

I'm still enjoying this series. Yes, it's part soap opera, but Lifetime is addressing many of the same topics that we as real Army wives confront. That's my read on episode three. Let's hear yours. As Pamela said, "have at it."

If you haven't yet rated Army Wives, you can do so by clicking here. Results will be announced on June 21.

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