"...and 2 Weeks A Year."


Our "two weeks" is fast approaching and I'm perpetually amazed how the Army time continuum turns two weeks into a month. 

This is probably the first time where M2 is old enough to understand Daddy is going to be leaving...and she's not too happy about it.

M2's first dance recital is this Sunday.

Hubs leaves on Saturday.  He hopes to be done at work in time to come to dress rehearsal Friday night.

Coincidentally, Hubs left for train-up for his deployment the day of M1's first (and only) dance recital.

When I picked M2 up from daycare today, I ran into her teacher in the hall.  She told me that next Friday the classroom is having an ice cream social for the Dads for Father's Day.  Never mind that even if Hubs were in town, he'd have trouble making it there given all Brown does for you.  But, he certainly could have a better chance of making it if he were not a few states away.

M2 ran to me, the invitation clutched in her fist.  "This is for Father's Day!" 

I reminded her that Daddy was leaving for Army this weekend and he wouldn't be here for the party...that I would come instead.  She looked at me, confused.

"No, Mommy.  Daddy is coming here because Father's Day is coming soon."

I repeated myself and reiterated that I would stand in for Daddy.

"It's for Daddies, Mommy.  Daddy will be there."

I warned Hubs that M2 might have some unattainable demands for him and sure enough, as soon as he sat on the couch, she showed him the invite.

He explained to her that he'd be leaving this weekend and not coming home for a few more weekends.

M2 tried to explain to him that this was a party for Father's Day and he's a father so he'd have to tell the Army he was coming. 

The two argued back and forth with the conversation ending by M2 wrapping her arms around her Daddy's neck and sorrowfully saying, "But, Daddy...it's your party...you have to be there!" 

When Hubs reminded her where he had to be, he asked her if she'd be mad at him since he couldn't come to the party.

M2 thought about it for what seemed like a long time and then shrugged her shoulders.

"No.  I guess not.  You just come next time."

For all of you who are doing this dance and who, for maybe the first time, have a little person in your house who is growing up and understanding what it is to be a military kid -- no matter your flavor of service -- I feel you.

This time it's only "two weeks", but M1 remembers well what it was like to be longer.  For Hubs it's harder now because M2 drives a much harder bargain than M1 did...it's the redhead in her, I think!

Hats off to all you Moms pulling double duty as Father's Day approaches and to the Dads who will buy their own Father's Day gifts this year while Mom is serving.

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