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I recently read several articles about the recent "Families Under Stress", as researched by Rand Corp. The research has been on military families, divorce rates, deployments, and family stress.

WASHINGTON - Divorce in the nation's military was no higher after fouryears of war than it was in peacetime a decade earlier, despite thestress of long and repeated tours of duty.

A yearlong study by Rand Corp. says divorces rose from 2.5 percentof military marriages in 2001 to 3 percent in 2005. But that is stillshort of a previous Pentagon theory that marriage breakups had beensoaring due to the strain of fighting the campaigns in Iraq andAfghanistan, lead researcher Benjamin Karney said Thursday

You can read and download the entire report HERE.

I am interested in seeing a study done on "how" military couples are surviving, what tactics are they using. That might be particularly helpful to Chaplains, councilors, and young couples.

I have heard the following from a lot of military spouses.

"Being physically separated, creates an environment, in which we have to become MORE open emotionally."

I think the report offers some good news, and I would like to hear how you are all keeping your military marriage and family intact.

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