The Doctor is In "Love" - Tessa Welcome Aboard!


Ok, so you know I'd have to write about the season finale of ABC's The Bachelor.  I know there are closet watchers out there.  I'm also thinking some first time viewers who just couldn't look away.  ;)

Our favorite Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, gave the last rose and a huge diamond engagement ring to Tessa.   

My comment to my girlfriend about the diamond you ask??  Ok, you didn't ask but here it is anyway, "I hope it comes with a conflict free certificate".  I recently saw Blood Diamond and I'll never look at Diamonds the same way.  Certificate or no Certificate.


The last minutes of the show were a little heartbreaking, I felt bad for Bevin.  How can the Doc tell both women "I love you too".  Like my Grandmother (who also happens to be a mil-spouse) would say, "You'd better watch out for those servicemen!"  I was rewinding my DVR just make sure I heard him right.  Yep, he said it.   Wow.

One of my other favorite parts:  Andy's Grandpa saying "He likes Bevin because she just turns him on!" (Im paraphrasing).   I can't even imagine my Grandpa saying ANYTHING like that!  I guess we see where Andy gets his touchy feely side.

(Deep Sigh) So, now we will have to find something productive to fill our Monday nights.  I confess I will miss this guilty pleasure.  Not to mention Dancing with the Stars is also over!

Oh, and in case you were wondering the Navy saw fit to send the hubs to San Diego so I didn't have any "back to reality" interruptions during the show.

Welcome Tessa!  We were all girlfriends once, so we know the culture shock that might be in your future.  I invite you to lurk/browse the pages of SB for insight into this mil-lifestyle and as airforcewife might say, "we can't wait to welcome you into the sisterhood/family"! 

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