The Bachelor - She's Gone


Yes, it's time for the recap of The Bachelor.  I know there are closet watchers out there.  If you've never seen The Bachelor, now is the best time to watch since next Monday is the season finale.

On to the recap.  Yep, the girl I had picked is "gone".  Danielle was sent home without a rose on Monday night.

On this week's episode of ABC's The Bachelor an Officer and a Gentleman, Andy took the girls home to Hawaii.  Bevin, Danielle and Tessa each had their own one on one dates. 

I have to say that I have no idea who Andy will pick this time.  Originally, I thought Tessa, then Danielle, then the ABC producers tricked me....so now I have no idea. 

I made the mistake of watching the show within viewing range of the husband whose response to Andy in his uniform at the USS Arizona was (in his grumbly voice):

Hubby:  He needs a hair cut.

Me:  But, he's been on leave for probably three weeks.

Hubby:  I don't care, he's in uniform.  He needs a hair cut, he's un sat!

Me:  Well, ok he does need a hair cut I guess.

The conversation went down hill from there.  Remind me next Monday to watch while he is watching something else so I can be in fantasy land alone without reality crashing the party.

The fancy car did not make it to Hawaii, personally I was happy to see Andy in his Jeep.  There also wasn't a tour of his house/apt, maybe after being on the yacht too much reality might have sent the girls into culture shock.

Next week they are off to meet his parents and it's the season finale.  Thank goodness, since you know it will be The Most Exciting/Dramatic/Amazing Rose Ceremony Ever!

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