The body of the US service man has been identified, after much speculation. I have been unplugged from MSM for weeks now, because I have been traveling.  And when I went to the only place in town for wireless service, I was not surprised to see CNN on the flat screen. About every 6 minutes, I heard the talking heads speculating on "this body", and speaking of the condition in which it was found.

It nauseated me to my core. The idea of someones, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend being talked about in such a callous way. For the media to think it is ok to talk about the condition of "a body" on National Television, is decadent.

Recently at SpouseBuzz in San Diego, I had the honor of meeting Shelly Hall a T.A.P.S. mentor. Her Husband died in a training accident in 1998, leaving her and her 5 children in mourning. When I was listening to the news yesterday, I recalled her speaking about receiving her Husbands autopsy and reading it. She said it was far worse than learning of his death.

These are not bodies...these are children, lovers, friends...people we may have touched, hands that have held children, feet that have walked miles.

Can we please honor these brave men and women, by honoring them, and their families. This is not information that needs to be shared unless the family wants to do so...

And as I was watching the news, I sat nauseated. I was reminded of Somalia, and recall the video of one of our own brave men being drug behind a vehicle being shown, the phone ringing and my Mother in Law and I crying and sickened...

Prayers to all of those this touches.....

May we learn a lesson in grace, and I am sure this young man was Someone We Should Know.

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