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Behind the scenes prep work is going on in a frenzy to make sure you enjoy and have an awesome experience at SBL2!  I've been doing my own little research and prep work.

My copy of "Help! I'm a Military Spouse" arrived today. Kathie and Holly are giving the Keynote at SBL2 and I thought it would be a good idea to read their book. It looks like a great resource for the mil-wife. I'll share my thoughts when I'm done. I also went over to Tara Crooks' site www.armywifetalkradio.com and gosh there is cool stuff there too, even for a Navy girl like me.  She will also be speaking during lunch.

Ladies, don't hesitate to join this great event! ...or watch via the webcast.

I'll be co-running the afternoon Blogging/Writing Breakout.    That leads me to my field research, I need your help.

Ladies I keep forgetting I should say "Mil-Spouses" (there are no "husbands" left at home when the sub goes to sea, only wives).

Back to the topic.

I'm looking for your requests, questions, suggestions as to what you would like covered when it comes to writing a blog. 

I'd also like to reference some thoughts on blogging to our audience.

If you could & if you have a blog, please send me an email that answers these 3 questions:

Do you have a favorite mil-spouse blog? 

Why did you start blogging?

How has writing / blogging changed or affected your milspouse experience?

Thanks for your help. :)

Email me here   

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