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One of the cool things about SpouseBUZZ is that we've got civilian readers too.  I think it's really great that our civilian friends take time out of their days to try to learn about us and our lives.  And sometimes they ask questions that I wouldn't have thought to address.  I got an email from one of our civilian friends asking this:

If you're ever at a loss of things to say on SpouseBuzz, I'd be curious about the difference between women (or men) who married men (or women) who knew they were joining the military or were already in vs. those that found their spouses making a decision "out of the blue" after a long marriage/relationship.

I know that no one expects what they get when they marry into the military. I just wonder how different it is when they've been married and the military finds them after the fact.

I think this is a really interesting question. In my case, my husband was already in ROTC when I met him, and we got engaged after 9/11. I think I can say that I kinda knew what I was getting myself into. But I sometimes wonder about those of you whose spouses sat you down and asked you if they could join the military. What was that discussion like? How did your family make the decision to join up?

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