Mother's Day - A Week Late....or Right on Time


This past Mother's Day I was on board an airplane most of the day.  When I arrived home, I was sleep deprived and in need of a nap.  It was 530 before I was ready to face the world and my family.  We had talked about going out to dinner, but I really preferred to stay home the rest of the evening vs. venturing out anywhere.

So, last Sunday Big K and Lil K decided to reenact Mother's Day.  It was really thoughtful and unnecessary, however who can argue with two eager to please smiling faces.  What did they have planned?  After church we headed to a local outdoor mall, did a little shopping and had lunch.  We normally don't eat out often, so it was a true treat.  Cold Stone ice cream topped off the afternoon. 

To me the day was just as special as if it was the actual "Mother's Day".

There have been too many events to count that we have celebrated like this.  Last year we actually celebrated my son's B-day a month early so Big K could be home.  There was no way I was going to have a sleep over with 8 boys without help!  Dodge Ball at midnight is something every Dad should "experience".  We still had cake on the actual "day", and Lil K was more than happy with his two B-day parties.  We have also celebrated Big K's B-day early and Thanksgiving early too.  This year Big K will actually be home on Lil K's Birthday.  Yes, the actual "day".   In a couple of weeks, Lord willing, it will be wonderful to celebrate this b-day on the actual day!

One of things this mil-lifestyle has taught me is to not let the calendar "date" rule my celebrations.  It also teaches me (on a frequent basis) to appreciate the times when we can actually celebrate a holiday or special occasion on "the date" so much more.

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