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Are any of you old enough to remember "Love American Style"?  Well, today is my wedding anniversary and I've been thinking about how it's different than what I expected.  We've been together now for 15 years.  I'm still in MN with my son who's going through limb-lengthening and Papa Bear is home, working and caring for the other two kiddos.  It's not a typical anniversary - it's love Military style!

What's even better is that my gift to him is something he's been badgering me about for a long, long time!  I started going to the gym!  Papa Bear worries that in my current physical condition (which means that I'm not overweight, but definitely not in shape), I will leave him without a spouse at a very early age and we won't be able to enjoy a much deserved old age together!  So, while I'm in MN I signed up for the YMCA and today started working out. 

I was just thinking how typical this is of military members - to put a premium on physical conditioning.  Oh sure, it's a fitness crazy world out there!  But Papa's not really interested in the 'make me so skinny I am only bones', model look (or maybe he's just resigned to me as I am!) - his focus is on being fit and 'ready for action'.  As a mom, that action usually takes the more mundane form of a family bike ride or hiking excursion, but it pays to be ready for it!

All in all, I thought my gift was a great milspouse anniversary gift.  Who, but a milspouse, would think their spouse would want them to take an hour out of their day to labor in a sweaty gym?  It's definitely an investment of my personal time and energy and my husband will be happy.   With the typical military person's concern for fitness - it's sort of a milspouse gift extraordinaire!  I'm thinking this should encompass the Father's Day gift as well!

Hopefully, I'll feel better myself by the time I go home and this aversion to exercise will pass (though doubtful).  Maybe these daily jaunts to the gym will decrease the stress level from separation!  An added bonus for my poor kiddo who has to endure me 24/7 - now it's only 23/7! 

Who know, by the end of this - I may be fit, calm, collected - ready to take on the world.  Or I could just be taking more naps!

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