I'll See You the Flu During a PCS and Raise You an Online Hotel Reservation that Turned Out to be a Drug Den


When I first made the online acquaintance of armywifetoddlermom a few years ago, a new game was developing between the various military spouses supporting each other online.

It is a wonderful game, and perfect for the military families, because just when things seem to be most hopeless and horrible - when nothing seems to be going right - it gives us the ability to laugh about the very worst.  It gives us a chance to celebrate surviving hair raising home experiences that would knock Martha Stewart flat and dinner time dynamics that would send Rachel Ray into uncontrollable spasms of fear whenever a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was placed in her sight.

The game came to be called "Military Family Poker."  And I do believe that it is time for our next match up.

We have moved a lot.  It looks as though we will be moving yet again sometime in the general vicinity of September.  For the first time, we will be moving ourselves.


Every single time the movers have come to my house, one of them has plugged and overflowed the toilet.  And every time, my sweet husband has been called into work just as the errrrm, stuff hits the fan. 

Anyone willing to fold yet?

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