are strange thing.

The cycle of refit, underway, turnover, off crew.....refit, underway, turnover, off crew.....suddenly came rushing through my mind this morning on a drive back from Lil K's school.

I remembered a time when I was facing a summer with BigK out at sea.  I didn't like the idea of him being gone and us having to plan our summer without him.

Do we really want to go to Disney World without him?  Maybe we should wait and go in the fall? 

Do I really want to go visit family out of town again without him?  My distant relatives think he is the phantom husband and probably question is existence.

The trip to Cocoa Beach?  Maybe I shouldn't go there either.  My dad and step-mom spend a week there in June every year.  I don't think Big K has ever gone with me of the 3 or 4 times I've been (while we lived on the East Coast).

Well, in my flashbacks I remember the fun we had at Disney World laughing, riding the Buzz Light Ride for the 7th time (something BigK would not do when we did re-visit that fall).  My family still thought BigK might not exist when I visited them and the trip to Cocoa Beach??  Yep, we went there too and LilK boogie boarded all afternoon.  We celebrated my dad's B-day and enjoyed the beach for that quick trip.  Traveling with a child, dogs and all the trappings is cumbersome, but you know....the memories I have are priceless.   

For me, traveling was a great way to deal with that underway time.   Keeping busy was/is the key.  This summer, he'll be home.  Even though we don't live that easy 3.5 hours to Disney anymore and we could go a ton of different places, we are traveling to Florida.  Actually, I think he could take me just about anywhere and I would love it.  I'm happy and so thankful I don't have to plan this summer without him.

I can't wait.

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