"Fighting for Life"


I didn't have the privilege of attending the premier of"Fighting for Life" at the National Air and Space Museum's IMAX Theaterin Washington, DC on May 15, 2007.  The film is the brainchild of Mrs.Tammy Alvarez, the President of "Friends of Uniformed ServicesUniversity". Filmmaker, Terry Sanders and his production team told thestory of the dedicated people of the Uniformed Services University ofthe Health Sciences (USU) and the importance of the university to theNation and the military health system.

 From the NMFA, comes the following review:

"Fighting for Life", is a powerful, sobering, and emotional featuredocumentary portrait of American military medicine in a time of war,interweaving three stories:

  • Military doctors, nurses, and medics working with compassion, skill, and dedication during war.
  • Wounded service members reacting with courage, dignity, and determination to survive and heal.
  • USU students on their journey toward becoming military physicians.

The film also follows a 20 year-old Army Specialist Crystal Davis,from her arrival at the field hospital in Iraq following the loss ofone leg from an Improvised Explosive Device, to her subsequent care inGermany, and finally recovery and rehabilitation at the Walter ReedArmy Medical Center in Washington, DC. She, along with her family,attended the film's debut. The film's website: http://www.fightingforlifethemovie.com/

NMFA recommends making time to see this emotionally movingdocumentary. The initial release of the film will take place inNovember in theaters in New York. Other markets will open soonafterward. I think it's too bad they couldn't have released it in time for Memorial Day or the 4th of July even!  But, I'll be interested to see what people who have seen it think about it!

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