Feeling Appreciated Yet?


SO...you've been a military spouse for 10 day, 10 years, 45 years!  Are you feeling under appreciated?  Over tasked? Over whelmed?  Do you think the world doesn't notice all the stuff you endure as a military spouse?

Fear not!  Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!  Seriously....

 I found this information and had to share it!

"On Friday May 11,2007 military spouses all over the world will get a little pamperingand many well deserved gestures of gratitude as they celebrate MilitarySpouse Appreciation Day. Special events are planned throughout DoD andmilitary installations to commemorate the day.

President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed the Friday before Mother'sDay of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984 torecognize the many contributions and sacrifices military spouses makeevery day in support of military members and the nation as a whole. Thewords in his proclamation could not be truer today:

Throughout the years, as the numbers of our married men andwomen in uniform have grown and as their military missions have becomemore complex and dispersed , their spouses have made countless personalsacrifices to support the Armed Forces. In many instances, theysubordinated their personal and professional aspirations to the greaterbenefit of the military families. 

NMFA extends its heart-felt appreciation to all military spouses fortheir support of their service member and the military community.  Youtruly are the un-sung heroes!"

Do I send this out into the blog world to let you know the world recognizes your significance and appreciates your sacrifices?   Heck no!  I wrote this to let you know that you can legitimately remind your SPOUSE to recognize and appreciate you on Friday! 

I can't believe they put this near the ever popular Mother's Day - truly I prefer having some time in between holidays to increase the value of said appreciation.  I also think it's a little sexist - my own recognition and shout out to the male spouses!  Having said that, I'm very appreciative of the formal recognition!  Make sure you let your spouse know to appreciate and pamper you on Friday!

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