Because Spouses Serve Too

I love to look at my husband when he's in his Dress Blue Uniform. When I look at the ribbons on his chest, I'm keenly aware that each one has an important story to tell. My husband doesn't serve to gather medals and ribbons, and yours probably doesn't either, but gather they do, and each award has real significance.

I once heard General Peter Pace say, and I'm paraphrasing, that spouses don't earn medals and can never be recognized adequately enough for taking care of the homefront. A few days ago, a soldier told me that his sacrifices pale in comparison to those of his wife. This, from a soldier who has completed three combat deployments, one in Afghanistan and two in Iraq.

There's a creative new way to recognize the sacrifices of those who take care of the homefront, or, as we're often called, The Hidden Heroes.

At SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Diego, the SpouseBUZZ team presented me with a beautiful gift, an Atta Girl! bracelet. Atta Girl! bracelets are handcrafted, sterling silver bracelets which feature interchangeable links. The links are comprised of beautiful stones and represent the contributions you've made as a military spouse. If you don't want a bracelet, try a pendant (though they're currently back-ordered).

I've often said, "spouses serve too," and it's true. These medals in no way diminish the official medals our spouses earn, they're simply a stylish way to thank you for your service on the homefront. It's a wonderful way to recognize the miles you've logged as a milspouse. This is such a great idea! Milspouses aren't the only ones who can receive an Atta Girl! product. So too can mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and friends of a service member.

Not only will you receive a beautiful bracelet or pendant, you also receive gorgeous certificates which detail how and why you earned each link in your collection.


Read the story behind Atta Girl!. Husbands should know that Atta Girl! products would make a great birthday, holiday or anniversary gift. It would also be a nice surprise to receive an Atta Girl! in the mail during a deployment (hint, hint guys...).

There are three Atta Girl stores. If you're not close to one of them, you can order on-line.

Milspouses don't serve for medals or recognition any more than our spouses do, but it's still a nice surprise to have someone go out of their way to thank us. I enjoy wearing jewelry that has significance. It makes me smile each time I look down at my fingers or my wrist. I love my Atta Girl! bracelet. I'll wear it often, and it will always remind me of the bond we've formed as milspouses.

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