Duffel Bag vs. Suitcase

Not too long ago my husband was packing for a weekend trip and I think he packed 2 weeks' worth of clothes.  I was reading in bed as he was going in and out of the closet and opening and shutting slamming drawers.  In my mind I was thinking, "It's kinda hard to read with all that noise."  But what I said was, "You are only going for the weekend, it shouldn't be THAT hard to pack!"

My mouth should've either listened to my mind, or just kept quiet.  DH was not real happy about my comment!

His basic response was, "I'd rather pack my duffel bag, at least then I'd know what to pack."

At that point I decided I'd much rather have the noise and frustration DH had with figuring out what to take on a two day trip, instead of him packing a duffel bag and heading off to the sandbox.  Talk about an eye opening conversation!

Have you ever had one of those times with your spouse (girl/boyfriend, etc) when you say something and just want to stick your foot in your mouth?  Or an unexpected response from you spouse makes you take a step back and re-look the situation?

It may seem a little silly to have one of those "moments" while DH was packing a suitcase... but I'll take a suitcase over a duffel bag ANY day!

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