I was lucky enough to have the best seat in the house for SpouseBuzz Live in San Diego. 

And as I stood at the front of the room, and I watched the young Marines, march in with the colors raised. 

I looked out into the crowd,  primarily wives- and they were all standing silently. 

And I saw right hands placed over hearts proudly. 

It was a very amazing site I am not privy to often, as a National Guard wife. 

But to see my military spouse family. My Sisters and Brothers.  Standing to honor our country, our brave men, and women. Standing for one another, and our husbands and wives.

My heart swelled, with such love and pride.  There was an inexplicable joy that  despite my efforts,  I sadly cannot translate what was in my heart into words.

I took my eyes off of the flag for a moment, and the Marines marched down the aisle into the crowd.  And I stared into the crowd.  And I saw my Sisters, and Brothers.  I was so proud to be a member of this family.  A family, that look nothing like one another,  from all over the World, different religions, and races, and political affiliations.  And we all were silent. 

And as I tipped back my head to clear my eyes of tears I was not anticipating, I took a deep breath.....and I noted a collective breath from almost every wife and husband  in that conference hall.

And as returned my head  from the tilt to look at the colors as they exited, I saw other wives returning from a similar  tilt.

A tilt that we each hoped would return the tears to their original home.

And in trying to define those tears, I just cannot seem to do them justice. 

I wish every American could have witnessed that site. 

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