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The second book in our SpouseBUZZ Book Club was Household Baggage: The Moving Life of a Soldier's Wife, by Army wife and author Marna Krajeski. Household Baggage is a hilarious look at the challenges that military spouses face.

Several weeks ago, some of the SpouseBUZZ authors sat down with Marna to talk to her about her book. I had some technical difficulties editing the podcast, and it took far too long to get this up. I'd like to thank Marna, who has the patience of a saint, for being such a good sport. Joan D'Arc, airforcewife and Guard Wife joined in on the podcast.

If you haven't read Household Baggage, order a copy and read it. You will laugh - a lot, and you might just look at your military experience with a whole new appreciation for the sacrifices you make by simply being a military spouse.

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Turn the volume all the way up during the first half because Marna's voice is a little faint.

Also, any guesses as to whose children can be heard in the background about halfway through? I don't have two-legged children, so the little voices don't belong to me, and airforcewife, Joan D'Arc and Guard Wife aren't talking.... Heh!

I would also like to remind you that Marna is working on a second book. Click here to find out how you can submit your stories for consideration of publication in Marna's upcoming book, Household Baggage Handlers: Military Wives Share Their Moving Stories.

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