You Know You're Living the Military Life When...


To help others understand our lives, it might be fun to point out a little humor in uniform.  I used to love to make up these little one-liners about the nutty things we have learned to accept and consider as perfectly normal.

You know you're living the Army life when...

1. You help your neighbor move some stuff in your car and as you're taking stuff out you ask, "Wait, is this your pistol holster or ours?"2. Your husband spends more time getting ready for a formal function than you do, and on an average day spends way too much time ironing, polishing shoes, and shaping his beret.3. You're constantly readjusting pictures on the walls because Sabot rounds firing two miles away from your home keep knocking everything out of whack.4. Your Thanksgiving dinner conversation is barely intelligible to the general population, since it's peppered with alphabet soup like RPG, M1A1, and CMTC.5. Someone with a machine gun asks to see your ID before you enter the grocery store.

6. All of the refrigerators in your neighborhood are covered with pictures of weapons, tanks, jets, your husband's target from his last weapons qualification, or pictures your kid drew of daddy blowing stuff up.

You give it a try.  Use your own branch of service or just The Military in general, and see what you can come up with.

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