What to expect, from those Children with Brave Hearts

Since This is The month of The Military Child, and there have been questions and comments re: change in behavior during deployments. I found a great list of what to expect from our children during deployments on the DOD website.

I think SpouseBuzz is a great place to begin a discussion about any parenting ideas, that might help make a deployment easier on ourselves and our children.

Feelings and Behaviors that Affect the Family's Adjustment to Parent Absence:

PRESCHOOL CHILDREN: Confusion Surprise Guilt Clinging Irritability Sadness Increase of attention-seeking behavior (positive and negative)

ELEMENTARY CHILDREN: Sadness Anger Separation anxiety Guilt May believe they caused parent's departure (even if discussed) Feels lonely before military member leaves Behavior problems Regressive behaviors Angry outbursts mixed with clinging

ADOLESCENT CHILDREN: Sadness Fear of parent's rejection Denial of feelings Anger Aloofness, don't-care attitude (arguing as defense against closeness or expression of anger) Friends take on increased value

I think this would be a great time and place to start a thread in the comments about how we as Mil-spouses have been able to help our children adjust, and excel.

I know I could use some fresh and new ideas.

*I also found this GREAT information!*

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