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I have been out of the loop here at SpouseBuzz. I have been checking in and reading, but have seemed to have very little to write that could be of help or interest.

My DH is gone to Fort Benning for his training, which was changed from 3 months to 6 months. There has also been a COC here, with the appointment of a new Governor, jobs have changed here in the state over the last few days. Which could mean numerous CHANGES for our family.

I decided to use some of this time to visit my family up North in Nebraska. We had not been back for some time, so I packed up the truck, loaded the kids (3 and 5) and headed out on the road. In great military spouse fashion, this trip did not require an Atlas, as I have made that trip sooooo many times, I could do it blindfolded. The children were troopers. My oldest, our son, has been having a little trouble since his Dad left. Some agressive behavior, lack of empathy etc. I thought the trip might exascerbate it, it did not. He actually was probably better than I have seen him in a while. Distractions can work. There were new toys, and new people, and a new routine (or lack of one).

We are headed to Fort Benning to see my DH in the morning. He has a 3 day weekend, which I think could be spent studying, etc. But he sooo misses the children, and it is only a 7 hour drive. So I am going to push my luck and see how the kids will manage with back to back trips. I am sure they will be fine. (You all might want to say a prayer for me though).

In other news....

I have had 2 interviews in the past week. One with The Baltimore Sun, and the other with an IT magazine out of Washington DC. They were interested in "military wife, and military blogging" the historical ramifications, etc. I could not help but speak of SpouseBuzz, and the rest of the mil-blogging community as a profound support for me. That sense of "family-hood". The GENEROSITY of the military community. I could not help but speak of my experience here at Spousebuzz, and SpouseBuzz Live One at Kileen. The feeling of community it provides this new generation of combat spouses. How I have gotten e-mail, after e-mail from those wives that have gone before us, wishing they would have hade such a fantastic tool to rely on.

I am going to direct one of the interviewers today to this post. Because I want her to hear from you. The SpouseBuzz reader. What does technology provide you as a military spouse?

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