Too Often Overlooked

I got an off-the-record email from a person whose job involves working on some next-generation equipment for the military, and I realized that we military families don't do enough to thank these people for all their hard work.  Our spouses get all the glory for their service to our great country, but these men and women working in research and design do the very unsexy job of testing equipment that will save our spouses' lives.  And we never thank them, never make Budweiser commercials clapping for them in the airport, never give it a moment's notice that these people work long hours to figure out how to shave just one more pound off of the IBA without sacrificing quality.

We owe them our thanks.

If you're out there, if you read this blog and you work in the industry that makes this war machine possible, I thank you.  From the depths of my heart.  Your work makes my husband's work possible.  You keep him safe.  You keep our country safe.  We need to remember you more often.

Here's a booming HOOAH! from this Army wife to those who make it possible.

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