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We are in full youth baseball season.  I did a post awhile back regarding the difference of youth sports on base vs. out in town.  After a few games and a lot of practices, I can now report the "difference" gap is getting bigger and bigger.

Last night as the sun was setting on a cool spring day and the smell of popcorn filled the air instead of hearing the crack of the bat, I hear "Mom, mom, mom, will you get me some sunflower seeds....pleeeeeeeeeeese" and it starts again, "Mom, mom, mom......."  I look over at the dugout to see a 10 yr. old crawling on the dug out fence while he is yelling at his mom, another one knocking the ball caps off the other players heads.  Oh, and another player spitting sunflower seeds at everyone.

I decide to head over to the dugout.  There IS a dad in the dug out, what he is actually doing besides collecting bats I have no idea.  I tell them all, "unless you want a Mom in the dugout, sit down and watch the game".

All the parents in the vicinity look at me like I am crazy.  Two of them were dads.  I keep thinking "this isn't T-Ball!".

Lucky for those kids, the hubby was coaching at 3rd base.  I think he plans on being in the dugout during the next game.

Of all the soccer teams LilK has been on, I've never had this experience.   After 3 games, it is getting a little annoying.  These moms and dads really seem unbothered!   Except when I try to restore some order and I get the "stares". 

The experts might say separation from a parent for long periods of time, frequent moving, having to make new friends often would cause our kids to act out, misbehave, argue with adults, and be disrespectful.  I think they might save some of that for us moms at home, and sure they have their moments of misbehaving, but overall when it comes to interacting with others, respecting their elders, creating friends, having a good attitute and giving it their best.....

in my opinion our mil-kids are All-Stars!

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