The Taxes - Grrrr!


I have been buried behind my computer doing taxes, I've finally come up for air.  They are done.  :)  Last year we paid $750 for someone to do our taxes (we have my business so it's a little more complicated).  This year, I decided I'd rather have that money.....so I did them myself via that great software they have out there and it worked out very well (it seems / I hope).

We claim a higher number on our deductions, which means we get more money in our check each month....the trade off is we are not one of these people who get back thousands of dollars on our return.  I like to keep it even, but sometimes we have to pay...which is ok.  I didn't want to pay any sooner than possible, hence the last minute (but on time) filing.  The good news is, we didn't have to pay.  Yea!  (....but we certainly aren't getting thousands back either.)

Waiting until the last week drives the husband crazy.  Usually, he is at sea so I don't have to deal with him nipping at my heals, but he is home now......so there has been a lot of nipping going on.  Earlier tonight he was off at Outback picking up "Curb Side To Go" (a first for us) to celebrate (that was his excuse).  Close proximity to "everything" is one of the things I LOVE about living here.  In Kings Bay we could NEVER get Outback To-Go, its 50 min away!  Here it is only 15 min.  Love, Love, Love it!

Cheers to Tax Day coming and going!

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