The Month of The Military Child Continues...


I found this wonderful site this morning at The Department of Defense.  The site provides a lot of military resource information.

They highlight this information, which I did not know about.

DoD, in partnership with the NationalAssociation of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, whichadministers the program, designed this initiative to benefit those whodo not live near military installations, Witte said.

"We have acontract with NACCRRA to assist us in finding spaces outside themilitary community for those Guard and Reserve (members) who aredeployed and active duty (people) who are not near a militaryinstallation," Witte said. "We also hope to assist in reducing theout-of-pocket expense to the servicemember."

When a parent isdeployed, she said, the remaining parent may discover that child careis something the couple hadn't had to think of before. And need is notthe only consideration. The extra expense can be shocking.

WhileOMCC doesn't fully subsidize child care, it does work to reduce thefinancial burden, Witte said. The fees are based on a sliding scalethat takes into consideration total family income and the careprovider's actual cost, among other things.

To take part in theprogram, a family member would apply through NACCRRA via a special Website or by a toll-free call to (800) 424-2246. The child-care provideralso must apply -- an important step because of how the subsidy, whichcomes through the Children and Youth office, is paid out, Witte noted.

I would be interested to hear, if any of our readers have participated in this program.

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