Save the Date! May 12th SBLive!


First, Welcome back AWTM! I just love the quick responses to posts, thank you everyone for participating here!

....on to the business of my post....

Doing a search today for military installations in California I was amazed. Amazed at how many Navy folks and Military folks we have in San Diego! I am hoping to see some a lot of you May 12th at SpouseBUZZ Live!

The USS Nimitz just deployed to the Gulf and I'm hoping a great number of those spouses will be in attendance!

Are you in or near San Diego? Help us get the word out!

We need your support, voice and enthusiasm for this GREAT event.

I'd love to set an attendance record. This day is going to be awesome! A chance for military spouses of all branches, meaning you and me to feel connected, encouraged, pampered and inspired!

Head on over and register today!  SpouseBUZZ Live!May 12thSan Diego Convention Center

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