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As a take-off on Sarah's post, yesterday, after the news hit, I was contacted by some reporters who wanted reaction to the new deployment policy from an Army wife. What does one say? I would think it's rather obvious that it flat out stinks, but then again, personally, I didn't find it a total surprise.

Yesterday, I was torn between sympathy and anger. Sympathy for my Army family who have this new reality to deal with, and anger because someone in the Pentagon leaked this information before official notification had been made to military families.

Military families deserve to hear about things as substantial as this through official channels, not the media. Since SpouseBUZZ debuted just over six months ago, we've seen this happen twice. See here and here. It's unacceptable, no matter who is at fault.

Leakers should be ashamed. We are dealing with people's lives here. 

So how about this. Vent at Sarah's post and use this post to tell us what you would have said to reporters. I couldn't have said to reporters what I was really feeling yesterday. Or, more accurately, I "wouldn't" have said what I was really feeling, for a host of reasons. One of them, in my opinion, is that the media bears some responsibility too.

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