More Incentive to Attend SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Diego


The registrations for SpouseBUZZ LIVE San Diego are pouring in, and USAA is sweetening the pot. Every 100th registrant will receive a free iPod Nano. This is timely because we're at 191 registrations so far, so we'll likely receive our 200th registration within the next couple of hours. Better hurry and register. Of course, the winner must actually attend SpouseBUZZ LIVE.

For the record, a lot of people are asking if fiances can attend. As you know, here at SpouseBUZZ, we realize that significant others need support too, and we welcome them. So yes, they can attend. However, prize winners must be military spouses and have their ID cards with them in order to claim prizes.

This is going to be such a fun event for military spouses (and spouses-to-be). Hope to see you there.

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