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At our last house we had a long list of home improvements we did ourselves before we sold it, new doors, new flooring, painted the entire interior, new ceiling fans, a few new pieces of furniture in an effort to "stage" our house for a quick sale. (I became addicted to "Designed to Sell".) We added new sliding glass doors, did two complete bathroom remodels...(whew), I'm getting tired just talking about all that we did.

Well, we moved here 6, 7...oh gosh 9 months ago! Wow. The husband has instituted a no-home improvement ban on the house. He is BURNT out. I'm ready for that to expire. I will say there isn't that much remodeling I would like to do around here, but I would LOVE to paint. At least one wall! The walls around here a builder beige. I'd also love a new faucet for the sink. It is just the basic kind.

My husband will be gone for 2 weeks here shortly.

I plan to paint! The thing is, if I can get it all done by the time he gets home that would be great. If for some reason I take on too much and he comes home in the middle of it, then I'm for sure in trouble and he will be upset he wasn't here to help. (I know, I know passive aggressive)

While he was at sea he would always come home to something new in the house. Planning a new house project was something I always looked forward to while he was away for months at a time. In my free time, it helped keep my mind occupied. There would be some new bookcase I'd put together, a rearranged living room, new curtains, new flowers, ....you get the idea. I've had this itch to home improve for months, but have been respecting the "ban".  When he told me he had to leave for two weeks, my first thought was painting!  Oh, and of course the fact I would miss him...a lot.  I'm looking at this time to "seize the day" to home improve!  I'd love a storm door for the front door, a screen door for the back door...

This weekend I'm sneaking off to Lowe's to get ideas.  I hope he doesn't read this.....

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