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(that would be the diving alarm)I know there is a lot going on over at the Vent and Re: Vent posts, so believe me when I say I won't be offended if no one comments on my frivolous post about my new favorite thing.  (SpouseBUZZ is the perfect place to Vent!)

Netflix  (trying to divert your attention)

We have had Netflix a couple of different times, but always canceled because we lived to far away from a distribution point.

We'll now we live in the SAME city as a dist. point and it is proving to be pretty awesome!

I can actually put a movie in the mail on Monday and receive a new one by Thursday.  It is the most amazing thing.  No lines, no missing out on the movie I want because they are all rented, no keeping track of the LilK in the video store because is distracted by the game isle.

We have the 3 DVD plan (is your attention diverted yet?), that means I get to pick a movie.  So, I get my chick flick without having to haggle with anyone.

I watched A Good Year last weekend with Russell Crowe.  Sappy like a Nicholas Sparks book, but with a happy ending.  It was enjoyable, if for no other reason than the French countryside.

I have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind coming next.

Have you tried Netflix?  I definitely watch more movies in the winter and when BigK is out to sea, so maybe my movie watching will cool off now that the weather is warming up. 

Have you tried Netflix?  Anything I should put in my queue? 

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