Creating Holiday Traditions


With Easter this weekend, we find find ourselves far away from family.

When I was a kid, Easter was a big deal. After church, we would have a picnic and spend most of the day playing frisbee, visiting with family, eating and just being together.

This year is my first year without both my paternal grandparents, the grandparents who I spent those Easter's with.

As I remember that time, I think of it with such fond memories. I want to create those kind of memories for my son.

Now that we are at a new duty station, Im trying to figure out what we will do this Easter Sunday. I want to create a lasting memory and maybe even start a new tradition, despite our separation from loved ones and familiar locations.

We have a huge park here that Im thinking might be an option for a picnic. Chris is almost 11, so Im afraid the egg hunt will be a thing of the past, although the Easter basket is a definite must....even for the husband. Im glad I've remembered to bring the chocolate bunnies into the house, one year I forgot. I found a HUGE bunny at one of the warehouse stores. The poor thing was a melted mess when I remembered where I left it....in the trunk! Not good!

Have you created new family traditions? or found a way to incorporate childhood traditions as you change duty stations?

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